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members only [Dec. 10th, 2007|07:07 pm]
hurting inside
this community is friends only.

please join to read/post entries.

if you do not post an introduction
as a new post within three days,
you will be removed.

should you just want to lurk around,
we suggest depression.

the following members have been removed for
failing to post an introduction or other reasons:

0mission, _____219, _unctuous, acey24, alyssia21, axionrising, blackdublinski, cannibalbear, carnivorouscunt, cat_0f_darkness, commiefonzie, daydreamerepose, dirtydrugmetal, dollxcorpse, dopesickgrrl_x, doubleshotvodka, drownsodadoll, dwnhillspirl, ebfh, franciss, franksaysbaa, geminipoohsf, gildagonebad, haldobbs, iluvuana, indigofae, jazzedupfairy__, juicy_nrd, kartiksqueen, kleinevos, lauxx, littlecreep, mellistl, moonlight_ocean, nakedxbutterfly, nickashie, novanglus, real2, rockme_hippie, scorpiogrrl, selfexplore, shisome, skins234, strangelings, superho, talk_box, twink_psyq, twistedxgarden, uhmnotreally, undercover21, winter_cloud, x__candy, xo_issa_xo_18, xxcazziexx, xxxsectomars, ze_wyrd

should you decide to be an active member,
you are welcome to rejoin.

stay safe.